Customer Service Program

 Out of Stock

If you find an item that is marked “Out of Stock”, please use our contact page to request an update.  We will be happy to provide details as to when an item will be available.


Custom Orders

You see a particular graphic/color in our line that you like?  It’s not available on the particular model you’re interested in or “Out of Stock” at the moment?  No worries, we can build it for you!  There are a few restrictions and you’ll need to be patient but it can be done.

Use our contact form to inquire or call and let us know what you have in mind.



*You must select from the graphic/color plans as they appear on our website.

*You may select from one model and move it to another

* You may request removal of the graphic and opt for the solid color.



*Fin box configurations may be altered (either add or subtract)

*Paddle strap plugs may be removed

*Center handle may be removed


Build Time:

*Please plan ahead and allow a minimum of three months to complete your custom order.

*Progress reports are provide every three weeks until completion.



  • An Order Contract is required.  Specific terms are provided within.