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  • Hydroflex - Maurice Cole

    Pattern #WB32

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Hydroflex - Maurice Cole



We represent several manufacturers, brands and shapers from around the world. In many cases, we have stock on hand in the Store. If you're not seeing that special board, we're happy to organize a custom order or hook you up direct. In the end, it's all about getting you on that magic board!

About Maurice:

Maurice has been an intrinsic aspect of the Victorian, if not the world, surfboard industry for 40 years. He's made boards for almost every professional surfer in the business, so much so that he finds it easier to list those he hasn't shaped for rather than those he has. Tom Curren and Carroll, Kelly Slater (first World Title won on Maurice's board), Mark Occhilupo....the list goes on and on like a Who's Who of pro surfers.

“I’ll tell you who I haven’t got ‘magic’ surfboards for: Pottz (Martin Potter) and Nicky Wood. [I’ve shaped for] just about everybody up until the modern era. Otherwise, you could go down the list of previous years and I’ve shaped for just about all of them.”

His career has been lengthy and illustrious, always seeming to stay just ahead of the curve, and this, in fact, is what drew him into the industry initially. A surfer from a young age and always acutely aware of design, he wasn’t content with the boards he was receiving, which never quite fulfilled his critique and the aspirations he had for his craft.

An introduction into the industry at Rip Curl was followed by a stint with Klem Bell, before Cole sought independence and worked under contract for Victorian surf retailer, Speaky’s. This lead on to further independence and the name of Maurice Cole became synonymous with high quality, high performance, cutting edge surfboards.

Darker times placed Cole’s career on temporary hold, but by the end of the ‘70s he was back in the game and over the next two decades, he, Channel Islands’ Al Merrick and an elite, very small handful of others were ‘the only’ shapers to the pros.