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  • Hydroflex - Robert Weiner

    Pattern #WB32

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Hydroflex - Robert Weiner



We represent several manufacturers, brands and shapers from around the world. In many cases, we have stock on hand in the Store. If you're not seeing that special board, we're happy to organize a custom order or hook you up direct. In the end, it's all about getting you on that magic board!

About Robert:

Robert began shaping surfboards in his parents garage at age 12 which eventually lead to him working at McCrystal Surfboards in 1990 until he ventured on his own and started Roberts Surfboards in 1994. The driving force behind Robert’s surfboards designs was constant refinement from riders’ feedback and his own experiences (Robert surfs most days of the week and still competes in the NSSA) in order to push the limits of performance surfboard designs.

Within his home territory of Ventura County, California, Robert is well known for his surfboard designs but in 2008 the word started spreading about a magic board he created. Long time Roberts Surfboard’s professional team riders Sean Hayes and Adam Virs along with Robert Weiner were creating a shorter surfboard design and placed a diamond tail on the outline. With the adjustments made to the design the board was ready for a test surf. Before taking the board out, an employee (Robert Howe aka Rico) named the board the “White Diamond” and the name stuck. After the first test ride on new model, Sean Hayes called Robert and stated that the board was magic!

As additional team riders started to ride the board a buzz began to grow both in the water and online, most notably on Surfer Magazine’s Design Forum (to date, the thread has received over 180,000 views and over 2,000 comments ranking it as the most viewed and discussed forum in the world). Propelling the buzz about the “White Diamond” further was a short video posted by Surfing Magazine interviewing Robert about the design and showing one of the Top Surfers in World, Dane Reynolds riding the board. Another notable surfer, number #2 in the ASP Jordy Smith, has used Roberts Surfboards in competition and free surfing.