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  • Hydroflex - Carl Ekstrom

    Pattern #WB32

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Hydroflex - Carl Ekstrom



We represent several manufacturers, brands and shapers from around the world. In many cases, we have stock on hand in the Store. If you're not seeing that special board, we're happy to organize a custom order or hook you up direct. In the end, it's all about getting you on that magic board!

About Carl:

Carl Ekstrom innovated the asymmetric surfboard in the mid sixties. Asymmetry helps loosen the heelside rail of a planing hull by allowing for more curve which essentially creates a shorter, more maneuverable board on the heel side. The shape of an asymmetrical board is specific to goofyfoot surfers or regular surfers. The shape is just the opposite.

The toeside rail is long and straight with a single keel for drive, giving powerful projection off the bottom while the curved heel side allows for tight arcs off the top. Current fin set-up is a fish style keel fin on the toe side with a standard Gephart quad set up on the heel side.

The asymmetric planing hull is a dynamic and functional board with a ride all its own.