What began thirty-six years ago as little more than an adventure is today a trade name enjoying international recognition.  Our goals have always been simple, build quality products that we can be proud of and then stand behind them.  Innovation, technology and design are the essence of each and every one of our products.

We’ve always believed there were lots of ways to enjoy the water and that no one discipline overshadows any other.  So when we saw Laird pushing this huge board around with a paddle we thought why not.  And then it was “that looks like fun, we should try it!”

At that point there were no boards or paddles or deck tractions or any of it.  Cool, right up our alley. Starting from scratch made the challenge all the better.  As it went; the seed came from a movie, the board from a wind surf builder and the first paddle from a kayak.  Humble beginnings that sparked an all in effort to design and build the best possible stand up paddle board. As our horizons took shape we sought out a builder, progressive designs and emerging technologies to meet our goals.  We were fortunate in that our knowledge base was significant.  Decisions as to direction and design were relatively straightforward.

We were, at first, overwhelmed by the reception of our first stand up boards.  We knew there would be significant interest but not from such a diverse spectrum of individuals.   Seemed the SUP board was poised to level the playing field and allow many more the opportunity to enjoy time in the water. 

Our world exploded as unique disciplines within the stand up paddle scene developed and grew.  At one point we had expanded our line to twenty-two uniquely different models.  The writing was clear; SUP was here to stay and would be pursued by individuals around the globe.

No longer was catching and riding a wave the primary goal. We would find ourselves racing from point to point in incredibly difficult conditions. Casually stroking along a variety of inland waterways. Touring to take in the scenery, contorting our selves into Yoga positions, transporting our kids and dogs and even using the SUP board as a platform for hunting/fishing. Who knew?

As is the way of the world, where there is popular demand, there will be product. Where there are leaders, there will be followers. Where there are products built with passion and attention to every detail, there will be those producing nothing more than “profit motivated widgets”.

Please do your homework, purchase with caution, try before you buy and ask to see what’s inside. An elaborate drawing just won’t do it. A cross section of a real product will give you the full story! Heads up, it’s turned into a jungle out there.

Our Honolulu Store
Tropical Blends is Hawaii’s premier board store! We’ve spent years building and supporting a reputation for quality, extraordinary customer support and the maintenance of our core heritage. Towards that end, we stock a full array of surfboards, body boards, hand boards and stand up paddle boards designed by some of the best in the business.

For us it’s all about the ride!

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